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Joint Stock Company “Ryazanpribor” Research and Production Association founded on October 20, 1993 is an established company focused on creating innovative solutions for the development and production of new technologies for communication and control systems, banking equipment and consumer electronics.

Our banking and audio equipment are the embodiment of the best practices in the industry of development of high reliability products for critical scopes of application. We generate and incorporate technical “know-hows” in manufacturing, making each device unique and incomparable in its product and price category. The quality of “Ryazanpribor” Research and Production Association” CJSC complies with the ISO 9001 international standards.


Our company is open to all forms of cooperation.

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Phone: +7 (4912)77-94-48

Fax: +7 (4912)77-95-74

skype: rznprb-connect

e-mail: info@rznprb.com


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