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Car acoustics

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Our Four-channel car amplifiers of Hi-End class with BlueTooth, USB, TOSLINK optical & analogue inputs & DSP modules can operate in both “tube” and “transistor” play back modes. Correct the DSP program to adjust sound levels to match your preferences and requirements.

Change the program in the DSP individually!

Class AB power amplifiers supplied with MOSFET output transistors can operate in the tube mode producing extraordinary sound effects, dynamic & realistic sound images.

Listen to the tube sound without distortions!

Static power supply units are spaced on separate boards & isolated from the amplifier boards with electromagnetic shields. This type of construction minimizes the electromagnetic interference and separate voltage regulation ensures the steady operation of the power amplifier.


No more head units! Use your smartphone, tablet or netbook as the perfect digital sound source!


Car amplifier audio inputs:

·        Х1-model in addition to analogue RCA-type jacks contain Toslink optical input/output (PCM / SPDIF-format / No Dolby Digital);

·        X3-model in addition to analogue RCA-type jacks, Toslink optical input/output contain BlueTooth digital input (A2DP)*;

·        X5-model in addition to analogue RCA-type jacks, Toslink optical input/output and BlueTooth digital input (A2DP) have USB (Audio DAC)**.

* BlueTooth digital input (A2DP) allows to play audio files from mobile phones and tablet computers (PCM 44 kHz, 16 bit);

**Digital USB port(Audio DAC) enables to use amplifier as an external audio-device (e.g.: connecting amplifier to a Windows7 OS computer it will be recognized as an external sound card with all the necessary drivers installed).

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The "Tube" sound mode

Operating in this mode the output stage of audio amplifier imitates the operation of the valve audio amplifier. The tube sound mode reduces any type of distortions in acoustic system, enables low heat distortions in the sound system and its optimal damping, making the sound more realistic and voluminous. The tube sound mode allows the fine details of the sound come alive, generally increasing the acoustic efficiency of the system.

To get the best sound quality we recommend to use the built-in DSP-module which allows the speakers to operate in the Bi-Amping mode. Use the digital sound sources with optical cable connection to the amplifier which provides the high quality data transmission without loses or distortions.

We recommend to use the audio-files in WAV, FLAC, APE, etc. formats to see our amplifier in its full potential!

"Bi-Amping" use

To enhance the sound quality of our acoustic systems we use two separate amplifier channels: for low and high frequencies.

The process of channelization occurs in the active filters of the DSP module. The usage of active digital filters within the DSP module allows to reach the perfect match of low- and high-frequency heads, linearizes the frequency response. Connecting the amplifiers directly to the dynamic head we enable optimal damping of the speakers.

It is impossible to get similar results using passive filters! The combination of the “tube” mode with «Bi-Amping» helps you achieve the highest performance!


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