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Four-channel Car Amplifier Board (X1)

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Class AB power amplifiers supplied with MOSFET output transistors can operate in the tube mode producing extraordinary sound effects, dynamic & realistic sound images.

Listen to the tube sound without distortions!

Power amplifier board has short signal paths, discrete circuitry, differential input input differential cascades on the coordinated transistor assemblies for ideal balance of amplifying stages, and the single feed-through capacitor.


The "tube" sound mode

Operating in this mode the output stage of audio amplifier imitates the operation of the valve audio amplifier. The tube sound mode reduces any type of distortions in acoustic system, enables low heat distortions in the sound system and its optimal damping, making the sound more realistic and voluminous. The tube sound mode allows the fine details of the sound come alive, generally increasing the acoustic efficiency of the system.

To get the best sound quality we recommend to use the built-in DSP-module which allows the speakers to operate in the Bi-Amping mode. Use the digital sound sources with optical cable connection to the amplifier which provides the high quality data transmission without loses or distortions.

Specifications of Х1 Power Amplifier Board:

·        selectable "tube" and "transistor" play back modes;

·        MOSFET output stages with customized transistors made on our specifications operate in AB-class;

·        cascode type of power amplifier with phase-splitter, based on the differential circuit of MOSFET transistors;

·        discrete circuitry of each channel;

·        double-sided printed boards with 70 μm copper foil;

·        twisted pair cabling of power circuit;

·        the usage of chip-elements reduces the amount of electromagnetic interference and maintains the temperature balance of the circuit

·        relay-actuated switch of the amplifier output, built in current sensor;

·        high-quality Low-ESR electrolytic and film capacitors;

·        short signal paths (for both analogue and digital sound).

Technical Specifications of Х1 Power Amplifier Board*:

Number of channels


Class of power amplifier operation


Total power output (RMS)

4 x 80 W

Analogue input impedance (RCA)

10 kOhm

Selectable modes ("Tube" – "Transistor")


Frequency range

10 - 50 000 Hz

Signal to noise ratio, min

90 dB

Total harmonic distortion index (THD), max

0,01 %

Intermodular distortion index (IMD), max

0,02 %

Output fixed bias protection


Short circuit protection


Operating supply voltage

±26 V per channel


*Our company follows the policy of continuous development and product improvement. Therefore technical specifications and amplifier construction can be changed without prior notification.

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