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DSP Board (X1)

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DSP Board (X1)

You can change the DSP program to adjust sound levels to match your preferences and requirements.

Change the program in the DSP individually!

You can change the DSP program to adjust sound levels to match your preferences and requirements.

"Bi-Amping" Use

To enhance the sound quality of our acoustic systems we use two separate amplifier channels: for low and high frequencies.

The process of channelization occurs in the active filters of the DSP module. The usage of active digital filters within the DSP module allows to reach the perfect match of low- and high-frequency heads, linearizes the frequency response. Connecting the amplifiers directly to the dynamic head we enable optimal damping of the speakers.

It is impossible to get similar results using passive filters! The combination of the “tube” mode with «Bi-Amping» helps you achieve the highest performance!

DSP Board Specifications (Х1):

·        Toslink optical input/output (PCM / SPDIF / No Dolby Digital);

·        all digital signals are processed into the 24 bit/96 kHz format with Cirrus Logic’s CS8422 Digital Audio Receiver;

·        56-bit DSP (ADAU1702 by Analog Device Inc.) for high quality sound processing;

·        24-bit ADC and DAC with sampling rate 96 kHz;

·        analogue signal is processed into the 24 bit/96 kHz format with integrated AD converter ADAU1702;

·        You can change the program in the DSP using the "Sigma Studio” visual programming by connecting your personal computer to the DSP block via the interface block, analogue to USBi (see here);

·        stabilization of the clock frequency of the DAC and Digital Audio Receiver via high-precision shielded quartz crystal-controlled generator powered from a separate stabilizer;

·        the crossover of the 3rd order with passive high-pass filter realized by operational amplifier powered by separate stabilizer;

·        no feed-through capacitors.

DSP Board (X1)

DSP Board Specifications (X1):

Number of channels


Frequency range

20-20000 Hz

Total harmonic distortion index (THD), max

0,005 %

Intermodular distortion index (IMD), max

0,007 %


24 bit 96 kHz

HPF*(2-nd order (Batterwort))

10-150 Hz

LPF*(2-nd order (Batterwort))

11-20 kHz

TOSLINK optical input (PCM / SPDIF / No Dolby Digital)


Power supply

+3.3 V & ±26 V for filters

*factory settings can be changed by the user

See more about the DSP programming in the four-channel amplifier Х1 manual

The firmware program for DSP can be found here

See more about "SigmaStudio"

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