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Power Supply Unit (X1)

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The static power supply unit with separate voltage stabilization, protected against polarity reversal, overheat and short allows stable amplifier supply without capacitors.


Power Supply Unit (X1)

Power Supply Board Specifications:

·        galvanic isolation of in-/output of the power supply unit, the feedback loop, TL431 reference-voltage source stabilizer;

·        separate voltage regulation;

·        minimal interference to a vehicle electrical system;

·        Low-ESR electrolytic and film capacitors ensure high peak current and minimal interference

·        protected from polarity reversal, short-time input voltage overlapping, the power supply unit overheating and short-circuit at the output;

·        double-sided printed boards with 70 μm copper foil.

 Specifications other than the above can be found here

Technical Specifications of Power Supply Unit*:

Output Power

350 W

Input Voltage

in vehicle network (+12V)

Output Voltage

±26 V, +3.3 V

Voltage ripple, max

50 mV

Reversal polarity protection


Short-time input voltage overlapping protection


Overheat control


Input Control On/Off (Remote)


 * Our company follows the policy of continuous development and product improvement. Therefore technical specifications and amplifier construction can be changed without prior notification.

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