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four-channel Car Amplifier X5

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Our X5-series four-channel car amplifiers of Hi-End class with TOSLINK optical & RCA analogue inputs have selectable "tube" and "transistor" play back modes and DSP modules to adjust sound levels to match your preferences and requirements.

Change the program in the DSP individually!

Class AB power amplifiers supplied with MOSFET output transistors can operate in the tube mode producing extraordinary sound effects, dynamic & realistic sound images.

Listen to the tube sound without distortions!

Static power supply units are spaced on separate boards & isolated from the amplifier boards with electromagnetic shields. This type of construction minimizes the electromagnetic interference and separate voltage regulation ensures the steady operation of the power amplifier.

No more head units! Use your smartphone, tablet or netbook as the perfect digital sound source!


Х5 Car Amplifier Features:

Audio Inputs:

·        Toslink optical input/output (PCM / SPDIF-format / No Dolby Digital);

·        BlueTooth digital input (A2DP) allows to play audio files from mobile phones and tablet computers (PCM 44 kHz, 16 bit);

·        Digital USB port (Audio DAC) enables to use amplifier as an external audio-device (e.g.: connecting amplifier to a Windows7 OS computer it will be recognized as an external sound card with all the necessary drivers installed);

·        analogue RCA-type jacks;

Power amplifier:

·        selectable "tube" and "transistor" play back modes;

·        MOSFET output stages with customized transistors made on our specifications operate in AB-class;

·        discrete circuitry of each channel;

·        double-sided printed boards with 70 μm copper foil;

·        twisted pair cabling of power circuit;

·        the usage of chip-elements reduces the amount of electromagnetic interference and maintains the temperature balance of the circuit;

·        high-quality LowESR electrolytic and film capacitors.

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DSP Board:: 

·        Toslink optical input/output;

·        BlueTooth digital input, PCM 44 kHz, 16 bit;

·        digital USB port;

·        all digital signals are processed into the 24 bit/96 kHz format with Cirrus Logic’s CS8422 Digital Audio Receiver;

·        analogue signal is processed into the 24 bit/96 kHz format with integrated AD converter ADAU1702;

·        you can change the program in the DSP using the "Sigma Studio" visual programming by connecting your personal computer to the DSP block via the interface block, analogue to USBi (see here);

·        stabilization of the clock frequency of the DAC and Digital Audio Receiver via high-precision shielded quartz crystal-controlled generator powered from a separate stabilizer;

·        the crossover of the 3rd order with passive high-pass filter realized by operational amplifier OPA4134 powered by separate stabilizer.

DSP Board (ADAU1702)

Power Supply Board: 

·        galvanic isolation of in-/output of the power supply unit, the feedback loop, TL431 reference-voltage source stabilizer;

·        separate voltage regulation;

·        protected from polarity reversal, short-time input voltage overlapping, the power supply unit overheating and short-circuit at the output;

·        minimal interference to a vehicle electrical system;

·        input/output filters with the cores made of amorphous metal;

·        LowESR electrolytic and film capacitors ensure high peak current and minimal interference;

·        double-sided printed boards with 70 μm copper foil.

Technical Specifications:

Number of channels 4
Class of power amplifier operation АВ
Total power output (RMS) 4 x 80 W
Selectable "tube" and "transistor" play back modes Yes
Types of speakers connections Bridge / Bi-Amping / Standard 
Toslink optical input (SPDIF/PCM format) Yes
BlueTooth digital input, PCM 44 kHz, 16 bit Yes
Digital USB port (audio DAC) Yes
RCA analogue outputs Yes
Built-in digital sound processor (DSP) Yes
Direct analogue signal transmission Yes
Built-in ADC, DAC modules (AD1702 by ADI) 24 bit, 96 kHz
Crossovers of 2-nd order (by Batterwort) Yes
High-pass filter* (HPF) 10 –150 Hz
Low-pass filter* (LPF) 11 – 20 kHz
Analogue input impedance (RCA) 10 kOhm
Frequency range of power amplifier 10 – 50 000 Hz
Signal to noise ratio, min 90 dB
Total harmonic distortion index (THD), max 0,02 %
Intermodular distortion index (IMD), max 0,03 %
Operating supply voltage in vehicle network (+12V)
Standby current 2 А
Fuses 2 x 20 А
Overheat control Yes
Output fixed bias protection Yes
Short circuit protection Yes
Operational temperature range –40 ... +80 оС (up to protection operation)
Dimensions(H x W x D) 431 х 248 x 55 mm
Weight 5 kg

*factory settings can be changed by the user

Our company follows the policy of continuous development and product improvement. Therefore technical specifications and amplifier construction can be changed without prior notification.

Power amplifier manual (see here)

The firmware program for DSP can be found here

Free version of archiver is available on the official web-site

See more about "SigmaStudio"

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