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Amati DSP Dual-Solo v2.16 Board

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Amati Active Sound

DSP module (digital sound processor) Amati DSP Dual v1.13 with TOSLINK digital optical inputs, BlueTooth- and analogue inputs to enable the choice of the system components. The user can connect the DSP module with different power amplifier boards of Amati Solo AS and Amati Dual AS type, change the DSP program for frequency-response correction to adjust sound levels for a concrete room.

Create your home acoustics yourself!

DSP module allows connecting of two single-channel and one dual-channel amplifiers and is recommended to be used in AS with 16- and 20- centimeter woofers. In this case you get AS that offers highest sound quality and operates in the “tube” mode. Low/medium frequencies are produced by the amplifiers that give 50, 70 W per channel and the high frequencies – by the amplifiers that give 20W per channel.

All components are combined into a single unit without connection cables. This type of connection prevents the signal loss during its transmission between units, reduces the impact of any external interference on the connection cables (as we don’t use them). Eliminating the usage of expensive interconnecting cables we made our acoustic systems unique in its kind without any additional expenses.


Amati DSP Dual-Solo v2.16 in connection with power amplifier boards

No need to decide on what cable is better!

The DSP boards (ADAU1702 models by Analog Device Inc. and oversampling filter CS8422 by Cirrus Logic Inc.) process the incoming digital signal in 56-bit format, correct amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics and divide signal between the speaker drivers. The absence of feed-through capacitors ensures the absence of any specific dynamic distortions.

Amati DSP Dual-Solo v2.16 Board:

Audio inputs:

· Toslink optical (SPDIF / PCM / No Dolby Digital) in-/output (carries audio from the computer sound card / DVD / Blu-Ray - player);

· BlueTooth digital input (reproduction of audio files from mobile phones, tablets, home computers), PCM 44 kHz, 16 bit;

· analogue RCA-type jacks.


Amati DSP Dual-Solo v2.16 board


· all digital signals are processed into 24 bit/96 kHz format with the built-in upsampling converter CS8422 by Cirrus Logic Inc.;

· analogue signal is processed by AD converter into 24 bit/96 kHz format;

· with the DSP ADAU1702 by Analog Device Inc. you can correct the DSP program yourself using the "SigmaStudio" visual programming environment, connecting your PC to the DSP module via USBi coupler(see here);

· analogue signal is produced either with the 24-bit/96 kHz DAC with the crossovers of the 3rd order realized by operational amplifier OPA4134 by Burr-Broun Corporation, or via the board of an external DAC from our company on the basis of Top DAC:

· AD1955 by Analog Device Inc.;

· CS4398 by Cirrus Logic Inc.;

· PCM1794A by Texas Instruments;

· two mounting seats for the dual-channel amplifiers Amati Dual AS. Amati DSP Dual v1.13 board sends four signals to four input connectors separately;

· the usage of tantalum capacitors makes the parameters stable and reduces noise ratio;

· upsampling and digital-analogue converters frequency range stabilization with shielded high-accuracy crystal-controlled generator powered by separate stabilizer;

· the crossover of the third order with passive high-pass filter realized by operational amplifier OPA4134 powered by separate stabilizer.

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