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Amati Dual AS 1210I v1.1 power amplifier board

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Hi-End double-channel amplifier board Amati Dual AS 1210I v1.1 enables the connection of twitters. Power amplifier can operate both in the inverting and “tube” modes, producing dynamic and realistic sound images.

Listen to the tube sound without distortions!

Input stages are placed on the operating amplifiers by Linear Technology (USA) with current feedback LT1210 which enable the audio-signal transmission without phase shifting and frequency-response throughout the entire frequency range. No feed-through capacitors are used.

Double-channel amplifier board Amati Dual AS 1210I

Power amplifier board of Amati Dual AS 1210I v1.1:

·        "Tube" playback mode;

·        inverting connection;

·        no feed-through capacitors;

·        the input stage is placed on the current feedback operational amplifier with perfect characteristics (hFE = 2А/±15 V; 35 MHz; 900 V/μs);

·        input differential stages are placed on the legendary BiFET operational amplifiers by Analog Device Inc. (USA) - AD744, minimize distortions.

·        double-sided printed boards with 70 μm copper foil;

·        the usage of chip-elements reduces the amount of electromagnetic interference and maintains the temperature balance of the circuit;

·        high-quality LowESR electrolytic and film capacitors.

Technical specifications of Amati Dual AS 1210I v1.1power amplifier board:

Number of channels


Power output (RMS)

2 х 20 W

Input impedance

10 kOhm

Frequency range, on level - 3dB

10 – 50 000 Hz

Signal to noise ratio, min

110 dB

Total harmonic distortion index (THD), max

0,005 %

Intermodular distortion index (IMD), max

0,01 %

Output fixed bias protection


Output pulse current, max

2 А

Operating supply voltage

± 15 V

Our company follows the policy of continuous development and product improvement. Therefore technical specifications and amplifier construction can be changed without prior notification.

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