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Amati Active Sound

Our Two-Way Active Full Bi-Amp Speaker Systems of Hi-End class with both digital and analogue inputs, DSP module can be changed by the user: you can change the components (such as DA converter, power amplifier, power adapter or twitter), correct the DSP program to adjust sound levels to match your preferences and requirements.

Create your home acoustics yourself!

Our acoustic systems have no parallel in the configuration range. Separate functional modules (DSP, power amplifiers, and power adapter) are combined into a single unit without connection cables. This type of connection prevents the signal loss during its transmission between units, reduces the impact of any external interference on the connection cables (as we don’t use them). Eliminating the usage of expensive interconnecting cables we made our acoustic systems unique in its kind without any additional expenses.


DSP board combined with three power amplifier plates and its position within the cabinet of the amplified speakers

No need to decide on what cable is better!

MOSFET built-in amplifiers operating in a unique “tube sound” mode produce dynamic and realistic sound images. This sound quality is unrivaled among other manufacturers!

Listen to the tube sound without distortions!

The work of each amplifier is dedicated to a particular dynamic head without usage of passive filters, which can cause distortions. The DSP module processes the incoming digital signal in 56-bit format, corrects amplitude-frequency and phase-frequency characteristics and divides signal between the speaker drivers. The absence of feed-through capacitors ensures the absence of any specific dynamic distortions.

Acoustic system audio inputs:

·        Toslink optical (SPDIF / PCM / No Dolby Digital) in-/output (carries audio from the computer sound card, / DVD / Blu-Ray - player);

·        BlueTooth digital input (reproduction of audio files from mobile phones, tablets, home computers), PCM 44 kHz, 16 bit;

·        аналоговый (RCA) вход.

Advantages of the two-way speaker systems over the split-speaker systems

The main issue of any split-speaker system is the appearance of sound distortions in the areas of frequency division in the work of several dynamic heads. To make each loudspeaker in three-way-speaker systems produce particular audio frequency band, the complex audio crossovers of high orders (3rd and 4th orders) are used. These crossovers produce phase and amplitude distortions which finally result in uncontrolled audio-frequency distortions. These distortions are evidently audible as usually in three-way-speaker systems the crossover frequency of audio signals is selected in the range of 300-700 Hz and 4,5-7 kHz. Thereby the construction of the three-way-speaker systems is not capable of high quality sound reproduction.

Along with that in split-speaker systems can affect each other as a result of mutual interference of sound waves of the loudspeakers placed close to one another. This leads to the loss of the realistic, 3-dimensional sound effects.

Our active two-way-speaker systems have obvious advantages over the split-speaker systems: the DSP chip is used for digital sound processing, which enables the characteristics of second-order filters close to ideal; functional modules (DSP, power adaptors) are combined into a single unit without connection cables reducing the impact of any external interference. The direct connection of the amplifiers to the dynamic heads ensures perfect damping of the diffuser. At the same time the mutual interference of the LF, MF and HF speakers is minimal because of the difference in sizes and the crossover frequency which is beyond human hearing sensitivity. The usage of the high-quality LF, MF and HF speakers allows to reproduce the total frequency range of audio signal.

We saw our aim in achieving the superior quality of sound reproduction which is why we decided in favor of the active two-way-speaker system development.

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